5.50 Inch Amber Glass Vials WithLid 144/Box



Battery Cartridge Vial-Amber glass containers with screw top lids
Airtight seal keeps contents fresh and odor free.
Made of non stick food grade glass.
Rounded dish with no hard corners.
Jars are made of glass with a black plastic screw lid.

Type I glass bottles are made from borosilicate, which has a highly resistant composition and releases the least amount of alkali. It is commonly used for pharmaceutical or fine chemical products that are sensitive to PH changes.

Made in USA
Case Quantity:
144 containers and Black lids

1.00″ X 5.50″ Ht.
11/16″ Dia. X 5.25″ Ht.

Case Quantity:
144 glass vials

White, Black

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